Leela Singh Negi

Real Estate Consultant

Leela Singh Negi

Leela Singh Negi

Real Estate Consultant
Phone: M: 703 489 3292 703 489 3292 mobile
Office: Keller Williams Realty
12700 Fair Lakes Cir Ste 120
Fairfax, VA 22033-4905

I am Leela Singh; I was born and grew up on a family farm in a small village. I learned family values, respect for others, and to pray every day for everyone selflessly at very early age. I earned my first government scholarship award in 6th Grade.

After finishing high school and earning a diploma in Computer Science, I moved to New Delhi to finish my Bachelor’s in Commerce as well as an MBA. I specialized in Finance. I worked to pay my own college expenses and became financially independent while studying and supported my family as well.

I have 14 years of real estate and mortgage experience. I have worked as Financial Analyst, Mortgage Banker, Real Estate Consultant, Investor and entrepreneur. I have earned many Top Producer awards.

I came to Washington DC after a brief stay in United Kingdom. I live in the area with my wife and two beautiful kids. I worked hard to settle down quickly using my entrepreneurial skills.  My family understands there are endless opportunities in the United States for hard working people.

My wife is in early childhood education and now has a successful business. My two children know the value of hard work and attend fantastic schools in Northern Virginia. I dedicate my success to my family, friends, colleagues and mentors. I am a strong believer of giving back to community through charity, helping elderly people and motivating the younger generation.

My passion for real estate makes me perfect candidate for your real estate needs. Feel free to contact me any time, whether it’s get started on helping you realize your goals and dreams or just for real estate related information.